Is 40 minutes enough time for a layover in Detroit? (2024)

Is 40 minutes enough time for a layover in Detroit?

If traveling on a domestic flight and not changing airlines, then 40 minutes should be enough time for a layover. If traveling internationally or changing airlines, then it is suggested to allow more time to connect.

Is 1 hour layover enough for International Flight?

The recommended layover time for international flights is generally longer, as you will have to go through customs and immigration before boarding your next flight. In most cases, a 30-minute layover for domestic flights and an hour for international flights is considered a minimum, or short, layover.

What is the minimum connection time at DTW?

**UPDATED** - Connecting times at DTW

Minimum connection time for a Delta-Delta domestic connection is 30 minutes, so it is legal. Both of your gates should be on the A concourse so easily doable unless you are late inbound, stuck way at the back, or have mobility issues.

What is the shortest layover allowed?

Layovers of just 30 minutes can be feasible for domestic flights, especially at small airports where the next flight might be just one gate over. But international layovers are typically far more complicated, and even two hours can be insufficient.

Are all Delta flights in the same terminal in Detroit?

The McNamara Terminal is also referred to as Detroit Airport Delta Terminal as it is used primarily by Delta Air Lines and its SkyTeam alliance partner airlines. You will find Concourses A, B, and C at the terminal along with more than a hundred gates. The rest of the airlines operate out of the North Terminal.

How long of a layover do you need in Detroit?

If traveling on a domestic flight and not changing airlines, then 40 minutes should be enough time for a layover. If traveling internationally or changing airlines, then it is suggested to allow more time to connect.

Is 40 minutes enough connection time?

What is a good connection time? Travel advisers say there's a lot to take into account when booking connecting flights, but a general rule of thumb is 60-90 minutes between domestic flights and at least two to three hours for international itineraries.

Is a 45 minute layover enough in DTW?

For an international flight, you may want to try to get an earlier flight in to DTW if possible (there is a Westin that is actually attached to the airport if you need to fly in the night before and stay at the airport). 45 minutes is tight because they'll start boarding when you're landing.

Is 1 hour layover enough in DTW?

If both your arriving and departing flights are in the same terminal, then a 1-hour layover should probably be okay. Detroit doesn't have separate domestic and international sections. It does, however, have two terminals that are reportedly difficult to get between.

How do I change terminals in DTW?

If you need to change terminals, hop on the Terminal to Terminal Shuttle located in the Ground Transportation Centers. Is your gate located at the opposite end of the McNamara Terminal's A concourse? Learn about our ExpressTram.

What happens if I miss my flight due to short layover?

If your itinerary was purchased as one ticket (as in: you have only one itinerary and one confirmation number), and the connection time was too short and you miss the second (or third) flight, you can rest easy, no matter what happens. The airline will simply put you onto the next available flight, free of charge.

How long will a flight wait for connecting passengers?

Besides this, when you purchase a connecting flight ticket with your preferred airlines, then in such conditions, a general thumb rule says that; for domestic flights, the time is around 60-90 minutes, and suppose you have an international connecting flight ticket, then it will take approximately 2-3 hours, and it ...

What happens if you miss a connecting flight because of a delay?

If the airline is at fault for the delay (due to circ*mstances like maintenance, crew problems, refueling, cabin cleaning, and baggage holdups), you'll be rebooked on another flight on the same airline at no additional cost.

Is Detroit airport easy to navigate?

Detroit Metro Airport is simple to navigate with the right information. Learn how to get around our airport campus quickly and efficiently.

Can you move between terminals at DTW?

Switch Terminals

Shuttles are provided to transport passengers between the McNamara and Evans terminals. To access the terminal-to-terminal shuttle, follow signs to ground transportation and wait in the terminal area for the next shuttle to approach.

What terminal does American airlines use at DTW?

Airlines that utilize the North Terminal include Air Canada, Alaska, American, American Eagle, Frontier, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Royal Jordanian, Southwest, Spirit, United, United Express, and all non-SkyTeam and non-Delta partner charters. The Evans Terminal houses two six-lane security checkpoints.

What is a short connection time on Delta?

Recommended minimum connection times

Delta: 30-minute minimum connection time. Southwest: At least 30 minutes if you have checked bags. United: 30-minute minimum for domestic, 60 minutes for international.

Is Detroit a large airport?

The Smith and Berry Terminals were retired when North Terminal opened, leaving McNamara and North Terminal as the only two operating terminals. Today, the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the United States.

Can I sleep in the Detroit airport?

Reserve your room online to sleep at the airport. To access our DTW location, you must have a valid boarding pass for McNamara Terminal (your flight must arrive at or depart from McNamara Terminal). We offer private suites where you can Nap, Relax, and Work! We also offer travel essentials, snacks, and drinks.

Can I make a connecting flight in 40 minutes?

Overall, if you can get a connection of 2hrs, you'll be safe; but 40 mins might be really tight; especially considering that if you're first flight departs 10–15 mins late, you only have 25–30 mins, and depending on the airport, this definitely won't be enough.

What happens if I miss my connecting flight?

What happens if a flight is delayed and you miss your connection? If you miss your connection due to a delay, usually the airline is responsible for providing you with a replacement flight to your destination. They will have to book you on the earliest possible flight available.

Do you need to go through security again for a connecting flight?

For connecting domestic flights, you almost never have to exit and reenter security, though there are some exceptions at airports where the terminals aren't all connected. For domestic-to-international connection, it's still pretty rare that you have to exit and reenter security, even if you're changing terminals.

Is Detroit airport only Delta?

There are two terminals at DTW – the McNamara Terminal, which is home to Delta, AeroMexico and AirFrance, while the Evans Terminal is home to the other airlines.

Is Detroit a good airport to fly through?

Detroit Metro has achieved the highest customer ranking among major airports, according to J.D. Power's 2023 North American Airport Satisfaction Study.

Is Detroit airport better than Atlanta?

In a new listing released by AirHelp, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport ranked as the second-best U.S. airport with 100,000+ flights in 2021, based on “on time performance.” It is followed by San Francisco International Airport and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


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