Is it illegal to touch your phone while driving in California? (2024)

Is it illegal to touch your phone while driving in California?

In California, you cannot use a cell phone or similar electronic communication device while holding it in your hand. You can only use it in a hands-free manner, such as speaker phone or voice commands, but never while holding it. Any driver under the age of 18 is prohibited from using a cell phone for any reason.

What is the violation code vc23123?

California Vehicle Code Section 23123 - Hand-Held Wireless Telephone: Prohibited Use. 23123. (a) A person shall not drive a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone unless that telephone is specifically designed and configured to allow hands-free listening and talking, and is used in that manner while driving.

How much is a phone ticket in California 2023?

In addition to the base fines, you'll be required to pay a variety of assessments and fees that depend on the city and county where you received the ticket. With these included, the average cost of a first offense is over $150, while the average cost of a subsequent offense is over $250.

When did talking on the phone while driving become illegal in California?

Two laws dealing with the use of wireless telephones while driving went into effect on July 1, 2008. The first law prohibits all drivers from using a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle, (California Vehicle Code [VC] §23123).

What is an exception for using a cell phone while you are driving?

Most States have passed laws that prohibit most use of any hand-held electronic device (which includes more than just cell phones) while driving. There are exceptions, generally, such as using it to dial 911 or using it to take video in limited circumstances (certainly not for SnapChat).

What is violation VC 22349 A?

California Vehicle Code § 22349 a VC prohibits you from driving on a highway at a speed greater than 65 miles per hour. This is a default law that applies unless the speed limit is set at a different speed (such as 55 mph or 70 mph).

What is the CA cell phone driving law?

In California, you cannot use a cell phone or similar electronic communication device while holding it in your hand. You can only use it in a hands-free manner, such as speaker phone or voice commands, but never while holding it. Any driver under the age of 18 is prohibited from using a cell phone for any reason.

How do you beat a cell phone ticket in California?

You can also raise these other defenses:
  1. You weren't moving. You can argue you were actually parked when you were using your cell phone.
  2. Your passenger used the phone. The officer might have seen someone using the phone, but it wasn't you.
  3. You were using speakerphone. ...
  4. You used a hands-free phone.

How long does a cell phone ticket stay on your record in California?

Keep in mind that the court may not know about previous cell phone violations you received, so it will be your responsibility to determine if you are fully eligible for traffic school to have the point removed because you received a previous cell phone ticket within 3 years (36 months).

How much is a first time cell phone ticket in CA?

Cell Phone Ticket Prices in California

A first-time cell phone ticket fine is typically $20,with subsequent offenses resulting in $50 fines; however, once assessments are added, a first-time offense can exceed $150 and subsequent offenses can exceed $250.

Is it illegal to watch TV while driving in California?

(a) A person shall not drive a motor vehicle if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other similar means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal that produces entertainment or business applications, is operating and is located in the motor vehicle at a ...

What is Kaitlyn's law in California?

What is Kaitlyn's Law? Since 2001, it has been illegal in California to leave a child age 6 or younger inside a motor vehicle without the supervision of someone at least 12 years old. The law is named for 6-month-old Kaitlyn Russell, who died from heat related causes after being left alone in a car.

What are some weird traffic laws in California?

Women Wearing Bathrobes: Believe it or not, wearing a housecoat while driving is illegal if you're a woman. How ridiculous would it be to get an unpaid suspended license ticket for that? Hunting While Driving: It's unlawful to shoot at wildlife in a moving car unless you're shooting a whale.

What is the cell phone law in California 2023?

In California drivers are not allowed to use mobile phones for calling, nor reading or writing text messages while driving on a public road. Drivers may use cell phones for texting or calling in case they have a hands-free system installed.

In what states is it illegal to talk on the phone while driving?

Texting and Driving:
StateHandheld BanTexting Ban (All Drivers)
Arkansas18 – 20 years old (primary), school and work zones (secondary)Yes
47 more rows
Feb 18, 2021

When can you legally use your cell phone while driving in America?

Handsfree calls are permitted. Phone or other device may be used for navigation. However, handling phone to initiate call or navigation must be done before entering roadway. No touching/handling cell phone while driving/on-roadway is permitted, including while stopped at traffic signals.

What is the violation vc22349 in California?

The maximum speed law, CVC 22349(a), states that it is illegal to drive over 65 mph on any highway in California—besides highways posted at 70mph—so if a driver goes one mph over the speed limit, that driver is equally guilty as someone who speeds 50 mph over the limit.

What is the traffic violation 22350 in California?

“Basic Speed Law” under CVC 22350

No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility, the traffic on, and the surface and width of, the highway, and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.

What is violation 22450a in CA?

22450. (a) The driver of any vehicle approaching a stop sign at the entrance to, or within, an intersection shall stop at a limit line, if marked, otherwise before entering the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection.

Can you use your phone at a red light in California?

“Even using cellphones in a hands-free manner can still be distracting,” said Samantha DeMelo, spokeswoman for the California Office of Traffic Safety. The California Office of Traffic Safety states that using your cell phone behind the wheel is not only dangerous but illegal unless parked.

How much is the fine for cell phone ticket in California?

A first-time cell phone ticket fine is over $160. Any subsequent infraction can exceed $250 or more depending on how many violation you'v been cited for in the last 36 months.

Is it legal to mount phone on dashboard in California?

In California, where Mob Armor is located, dashboard phone mounts are considered legal as long as they do not obstruct the driver's view of the road or interfere with the vehicle's controls. This means you can still mount your phone off to the sides of the dashboard in a low-profile manner.

Should I fight a cell phone ticket California?

Dismissal is often possible for CA cell phone tickets, so hold off on paying the fine. The cost of a cell phone ticket can be substantial, starting at $250. Failing to resolve a cell phone ticket with an appropriate defense can lead to fines and the loss of your license.

Does a cell phone ticket raise your insurance in California?

Insurance companies might raise insurance premiums for drivers convicted of cell phone violations. A company might equate cell phone use while driving with an increased risk of car accidents. Therefore, the company might view the driver as high-risk, which could result in a higher insurance rate.

Can I go to traffic school for a cell phone ticket in California?

Do I have to attend traffic school if I violate California's cell phone and handheld device laws? If you violate VC 23123 or VC 23123.5, you do not have to attend traffic school. However, you can voluntarily choose to do so.


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