What is a Bayern ticket in Germany? (2024)

What is a Bayern ticket in Germany?

Bavarian Regional Day Pass, also referred to as Bayern ticket, is a ticket that is valid to travel unlimited, anywhere within Bavaria, for the date booked. The Bayern ticket or regional day ticket for Bavaria is valid within Bavarian region in Germany and on selected routes of neighboring countries.

How much does a Bayern ticket cost?

Bavaria-Ticket (Bayern-Ticket)Bavaria-Ticket Night 1st class
1 passenger:26 €35.50 €
2 passengers:34 €51.50 €
3 passengers:42 €67.50 €
4 passengers:50 €83.50 €
1 more row

Which trains are included in Bayern ticket?


The ticket allows up to 5 adults traveling together to use unlimited all regional trains in Bavaria for one day. It is valid on all regional trains in 2nd class. Regional trains are all trains with the designating letters RB, RE, IRE, ALX, S-Bahn, BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn), M (Meridian), BRB und BLB.

Can I use Bayern ticket in Munich?

The great thing is you can use the Bayern Ticket to go to pretty much any touristy place in Bavaria, including the many gorgeous lakes surrounding Munich, the stunning Partnachklamm, and even Salzburg, which, while in Austria, is a route still valid with a Bayern Ticket.

Is Bayern ticket valid for ice?

All transport association services (S-Bahn, underground, trams, buses) Selected services operating in neighbouring states within Germany and in Austria. Almost all scheduled bus services in Bavaria. Please note that the regional day ticket for Bavaria is not valid on long-distance trains (ICE, IC).

What does a Bayern Ticket cover?

The regional day ticket for Bavaria and regional night ticket for Bavaria are valid on the following services in Bavaria: All local trains operated by rail companies (e.g. DB's RE and RB trains, non-DB trains) All transport association services (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, buses) Almost all scheduled bus services in Bavaria.

Can I travel to Frankfurt with Bayern Ticket?

The farthest point you can reach on a Bayern Ticket is Kahl(Main). But from Kahl to Frankfurt the RMV tariff applies and RMV tickets are only available inside the RMV area.

Can I go to Salzburg with Bayern ticket?

A train is the most convenient way to get from Munich to Salzburg, and the Bayern ticket is the best way to take a train from Munich to Salzburg. The Bayern ticket is a group ticket good for 1-5 people, valid for an entire day on regional trains in Bavaria.

How many people can go on the Bayern ticket?

Travel throughout Bavaria with the Bayern-Ticket

A max. of 5 people. For any group of people, a max. of 3 children up to and including the age of - 14 can travel free of charge.

Can you reserve a seat with Bayern ticket?

You can't reserve seats. There is a simple reason for this: The Bayern Ticket is only valid on local trains, and seat reservations are not possible on local trains. However, you can almost always get on the train. If the train is full, you squeeze in.

What is the difference between Bayern and Munich?

Bayern is German for our word Bavaria. Munich is English for the German Muenchen. Shouldn't it be either Bayern Muenchen - or Bavaria Munich? The answer is simple:In German it is Bayern München only.

Can I travel to Prague with Bayern ticket?

You can buy the Bavaria-Bohemia Ticket in the DB Regio Ticket Shop. It currently costs 28 EUR for one person, 35.60 EUR for two people travelling together, 43.20 EUR for three, 50.80 EUR for four and 58.40 EUR for five travellers. Do note that you cannot travel to or from Prague using a Bavaria-Bohemia ticket.

Can you go to Salzburg with Deutschland ticket?

Take a trip to Salzburg in Austria

If you want to travel to neighboring Austria with the Deutschland-Ticket, you're in luck: Passengers on the Bavarian Regiobahn (BRB) can use the 49-euro ticket to cross the border to Salzburg, or to be more precise, use the BRB's RE5.

What happens if I go on an ICE train without a ticket in Germany?

Riding any train in Germany, including the ICE, requires a valid ticket or pass for the specific journey and class of service. Failure to have a valid ticket can result in penalties, such as fines or being asked to leave the train at the next station.

What happens if I miss my ICE train Germany?

Depends on the type of ticket you got. If it's a full-fare Flex-Preis or a Rail & Fly ticket you can take any train, if it's a savings fare you are bound to a particular train and the ticket becomes void if you miss it. In that case you'd have to buy a new (full-fare!) ticket .

Do I need to reserve a seat in ICE train Germany?

Fares, ticketing, seat reservations

Reservation is compulsory on the ICE trains to and from Paris, and tickets on the Paris route always come with the necessary seat reservation included, free of charge. On other ICE routes seat reservation is usually optional with a small extra charge of around €4.90 if you want one.

What food is Bavaria known for?

Famous Food Locals Love to Eat in Bavaria

Typical dishes include baked meatloaf, traditional German pork roast, and preservative-free veal and pork sausages. Apart from meat, you can find Bavarian-style pretzels served with soft creamy cheese dip and caramelized pancakes with berries.

How much is the train from Munich to Salzburg?

Overview: Train from Munich to Salzburg
Distance71 miles (115 km)
Average train ticket price$29 (€24)
Train frequency35 a day
Direct trainYes, there are 33 direct trains a day
Train providersEuroNight, ÖBB | Nightjet, Deutsche Bahn, Westbahn, Bayerische Regiobahn, ÖBB or Meridian
1 more row

Is the city ticket included in Germany?

The City-Ticket is inclusive for all our passengers who book a Sparpreis (saver fare) or Flexpreis (flexible fare) ticket on long distance services of over 100 kilometers. It can be used on suburban trains, subways, buses and trams in the respective area of validity.

Is German Rail Pass worth it?

Rail passes are usually a great value in Germany, often saving money while allowing you to hop trains at your convenience. While it's possible to swing many point-to-point ticket discounts in Germany, a rail pass still makes sense for most visitors traveling by train in Germany.

What trains are included in Deutschland ticket?

What is the Deutschland-Ticket and how much does it cost? The Deutschland-Ticket is a personal season ticket valid throughout Germany and entitles the holder to unlimited use of all means of public transport. It is valid on regional trains (RE, IRE, RB, S-Bahn) in 2nd car class.

What is a city ticket Deutsche Bahn?

The city ticket is valid for one trip to your departure station, and one trip from your arrival station to the final destination of your journey.

Can I use Deutschland ticket from Munich to Salzburg?

Due to its proximity to the border, Salzburg's main railway station is owned not only by the ÖBB [Austrian Federal Railway] but also by Deutsche Bahn. This means that DB's national fares, including all the discounts, apply not only in Germany, but all the way to Salzburg.

Is deutschland ticket valid from Munich to Salzburg?

As with the 9 Euro ticket, the ticket is always valid to the last tariff station, e.g. Salzburg and also Kufstein.

Is Innsbruck included in Bayern ticket?

Innsbruck is in Austria and a Bayern Ticket covers Bayern (Bavaria). Plus a few stations in Austria directly at the border (Salzburg Hbf, Kufstein). Coming from Munich you can use the Bayern Ticket towards Innsbruck only as far as Kufstein or Mittenwald.


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