Where is La Trobe Financial based? (2024)

Where is La Trobe Financial based?

In 2022, Brookfield acquired La Trobe Financial. Founded in 1952, La Trobe Financial is a prominent Australian diversified credit asset manager with more than A$13 billion in assets under management.

Who owns La Trobe Financial?

In 2022, Brookfield acquired La Trobe Financial. Founded in 1952, La Trobe Financial is a prominent Australian diversified credit asset manager with more than A$13 billion in assets under management.

Who are La Trobe Financial competitors?

La Trobe Financial's competitors and similar companies include Allianz México, Markerstudy Group, China Pacific Property Insurance and Momentum. La Trobe Financial is a provider of funding and investment solutions.

What is the interest rate for La Trobe Financial?

6.65% * p.a.

*Current variable rate effective as at December 1, 2023. Rate after fees, reviewed monthly.

Is La Trobe a managed fund?

The objective of the La Trobe Financial 12 Month Term Account managed fund is 12 Month Term Account aims to provide Investors with a reasonably stable and predictable income based on a monthly variable rate of return, investing in a wide range of loans secured by a mortgage in a range of industry sectors, with ...

What does La Trobe do?

La Trobe offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses across its two colleges of Arts, Social Science and Commerce (ASSC) and Science, Health and Engineering (SHE). In 2015, it was ranked in the top 100 universities under 50 by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Are MICs a good investment?

Private mortgages, in particular, can be significantly risky. This is where MICs come in. An MIC is a perfect way to invest in the real estate market that mitigates the risks associated with private mortgages, flipping projects, or dealing with tenants.

Who is the most powerful investment group?


BlackRock (BLK) is the largest investment firm in the world. It manages $8.6 trillion in assets as of Dec. 31, 2022.

Who are the drawdown most influential fund finance experts?

  • RORY SMITH. ...
  • JOE MAHON. ...
  • KEVIN EARLY. ...
  • DEE DEE SKLAR. Arguably the most highly respected and well known figure within the fund finance space, Sklar's decades-long career has positioned her as a true innovator and one of the industry's most prominent founders.
Sep 12, 2022

Who are all funds competitors?

Allfunds Bank's competitors and similar companies include TriumphPay, Resilia, Receeve and Kharon. Allfunds Bank is a company that provides wealth management tools for fund houses and distributors.

Is La Trobe a bank?

La Trobe Financial is an Australian credit asset management firm specialising in asset management and credit. It offers real estate credit, investment account offerings and private wealth management.

What is La Trobe 12 month term account?

About the Fund

The 12 Month Term Account offers you a variable rate of return from a pool of loans secured by registered first mortgages chosen and managed by La Trobe Financial.

What is the current rate for La Trobe 12 month term account?

Credit Fund Investment Option 12 Month Term Account 6.65%* p.a. current variable rate after fees, reviewed monthly.

What does La Trobe invest in?

Offers investments in mortgage assets, Australian cash and other credit instruments.

Should I put my money in a managed fund?

A managed fund can provide you access to different companies, industries and even countries. Since you're sharing the investments with other unit holders, the entry cost tends to be lower than buying shares directly. You may also be able to make additional contributions on a regular basis without being charged.

Can I withdraw my managed funds?

To make a withdrawal you just need to complete a Managed Funds Withdrawal Request form.

Does La Trobe have a good reputation?

La Trobe University is ranked 242 in QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities and has an overall score of 4.3 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.

What is La Trobe ranked in the world?

La Trobe University is ranked #304 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Why go to La Trobe?

Graduating from La Trobe means:

You'll value and build relationships and networks throughout your studies. You'll be highly prepared for your desired career path with subjects that align with industry standards. You'll know how to create valuable change in your community.

What is the disadvantage of MICs?

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Microphone

➨Sound files require large memory for storage for further processing and use. ➨Voice recognition software is not accurate as manual typing. For example, it can not distinguish between "there" and "their". ➨Sound signals are required to be amplified for proper reconstruction.

How do MICs make money?

A MIC is a company that pools shareholder capital, lends that capital out as mortgages, earns income via interest and fees, and pays 100% of its net income (after management fees) back to the shareholders. Dividends paid by the MIC are taxed as interest.

What is the difference between a REIT and a mic?

The biggest differentiator is where the money ends up going. With an MIC, your investment is placed in property mortgages. REITs, on the other hand, invest in physical properties — quite often income-generating properties such as apartment complexes, hotels, retail centres and infrastructure.

Who is the most trustworthy financial advisor?

The Bankrate promise
  • Top financial advisor firms.
  • Vanguard.
  • Charles Schwab.
  • Fidelity Investments.
  • Facet.
  • J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor.
  • Edward Jones.
  • Alternative option: Robo-advisors.

Who is the number 1 investor in America?

Warren Buffett is often considered the world's best investor of modern times.

What investment firms do billionaires use?

What brokerage firms do billionaires use? Many very wealthy individuals use the top brokerage firms, such as Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, and TD Ameritrade, among others. They invest in private equity and hedge funds.


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